About the company


Purammon is a hi-tech company focused on research, development, design and implementation of physico-chemical wastewater treatment processes and systems, with special emphasis on ammonia, total nitrogen (TN) and total organic carbon (TOC) removal. Purammon systems are designed to reduce operational costs and ensure strict compliance with environmental requirements and government regulations.

While the motivation to use physico-chemical processes for wastewater treatment has always been there, Purammon’s processes and systems are the first to present a cost effective and practical solution, suitable for both industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants. Purammon offers a wide-array of innovative solutions with excellent performance and the benefit of saving in both capital investment and operational expenses.

Purammon's purifying systems are flexible, easy to operate, stable and fully modular. Our solutions can be implemented in new designs as well as for existing plants, where nitrogen compounds present a continuous challenge of rising operational costs and poor performance. Purammon has successfully implemented its processes in various industrial applications, providing a scalable solution to plants that struggle with challenging water and wastewater compositions and ever-changing regulations.

Purammon's systems

Board of Directors

David Meidan – Chairman and Founder

David is active in the export of strategic and advanced Israeli technologies worldwide. In this role he has created outstanding opportunities for leading Israeli industries and Hi-tech companies. He is also the founder of two Israeli start-ups. David is a former senior Mossad officer, and had served for many years in operational and commanding positions.

Dr. Eli Abramov

Dr. Abramov serves as an Executive Director and Consultant to industrial companies. From 2012 and until 2018 he served as Executive VP, Global Operations for Adama Agricultural Solutions Ltd., one of the world's leading crop protection companies. From 2009 to 2012 he was the CEO of Baran Group, Israel’s largest engineering and project management group. Dr. Abramov holds a PhD (summa cum laude) in Materials Science and Engineering from Ben-Gurion University in Israel.

Or Laosani

Or is a Business Development & Project Manager in the Israeli entrepreneurial Group Edeltech, one of the leaders in the development and setting up of private green power plants in Israel. Or has a BSc in Environmental Economics and Management from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


Dr. Joseph Lehmann – CEO and Founder

Joseph is an Entrepreneur, high-tech executive and technologist. His former roles include CEO and founder of G-Connect Ltd., Corporate Vice President of ADC Telecommunications Inc. and VP Product Management of Teledata Ltd. Joseph has a BScEE degree from the Technion Israel Institute of Technology, MA and PhD in Philosophy from Tel-Aviv University.

David Lehmann – CTO and Founder

David is an experienced environmental engineer. Before founding Purammon he worked for seven years in Tahal Group in Israel, where he was involved in large scale water and wastewater engineering projects. David has a BSc and MSc degrees in Environmental Engineering from the Technion Israel Institute of Technology.