The Ammonia Challenge

A pervasive and difficult toxin

Ammonia is the toxic byproduct of virtually every major industrial and agricultural process, and one of the most ubiquitous and costly wastewater pollutant worldwide.

Ammonia discharge regulation in most countries is increasingly aggressive, and many billions of dollars are spent annually on its removal.

Despite this however, current solutions are highly unsatisfactory.

The prevailing biological systems are sensitive to environmental conditions, inherently unstable, slow, difficult to control, have very large footprints, require expensive civil engineering, leave sludge and other byproducts, and are often complex, and high cost.

Alternative physical and chemical solutions have similarly long laundry-lists of shortcomings.

As a result, ammonia remains the single most cited wastewater “pain point” for industrial customers.

By contrast, Purammon’s breakthrough electrochemical solution for ammonia is uniquely reliable, controllable, efficient, low cost, fast, automated, and scalable.  It generates zero sludge or other by products and is implemented in-line, within your production process.