The Purammon Solution

Electrochemical treatment at scale

The Purammon solution is based on an innovative and proprietary electrochemical reactor.

The reactor contains specialized electrochemical cells that disaggregate the target pollutant into its harmless constituents.

In the case of ammonia for example, polluted wastewater is pumped through the reactor where the electrochemical cells break each ammonium molecule into nitrogen and hydrogen gas.

These harmless gases can either be captured for use or sale or simply discharged.



Benefits & Features


Modular & scalable From lab-scale to thousands of m3 per day
Small footprint Built offsite within standard shipping containers
Fast deployment  No civil engineering, site prep, or permit requirements; Integrated within days of delivery
In-line Realtime treatment and water-recovery integrated within production process
Highly effective Pollutant  concentrations can be reduced to any specified level, including zero
Simple operation Fully automated, minimal maintenance
Precisely controllable Instant on/off, linear process, can be remotely controlled, automatically activated according to energy pricing, etc.
No byproducts Pollutants are completely decomposed – no sludge or other byproducts
Ultra-stable & reliable Indifferent to changes in environmental conditions or wastewater composition
Low operating costs Low/no labor; No input chemicals, nutrients, byproduct disposal, etc.