Purammon’s core technology is wastewater electrolysis – specialized electrodes drive “designer reactions” that turn specific contaminants within wastewater into predetermined elements and compounds.

For example, our ammonia treatment system selectively targets molecules of ammonia in wastewater, disaggregating them into their constituent Hydrogen and Nitrogen atoms – turning a dangerous and difficult to manage environmental toxin into two totally benign gasses that can either be collected for use or safely released into the atmosphere.

And our green-hydrogen generation system leverages a bevy of pollutants to generate hydrogen-promoting ions that enable green-hydrogen production with far less energy than required by standard water electrolysis.

Purammon’s unique capabilities are around the issue of reaction selectivity – being able to target specific molecules with specific reactions such that unlike with traditional electrocatalysis, no energy is “wasted” on either causing or treating the results of unwanted reactions.

Our technology has a number of inherent advantages over traditional wastewater treatment processes:


  • Ultra-high reliability and predictability
  • Precise manageability
  • Real-time “on-the-flow” operation
  • Very small footprint
  • No liquid or solid byproducts
  • Low operating costs
  • Rapid deployment
  • Modular and easily scalable