We live in an escalating water crisis.

Water resources worldwide are rapidly being depleted and polluted by growing populations and their industrial and agricultural activities.

There is growing awareness of the need to dramatically step up wastewater recovery and step down effluent discharge, but current treatment technologies are not up to the job.

Even in the most advanced countries, wastewater is still processed using techniques that were developed many decades (or even centuries) ago and which cannot address the very different environmental, operating, and regulatory conditions of today.

Purammon is a pioneer in changing this picture.  Our proprietary electrochemical technologies represent a fundamentally new approach to wastewater treatment.

They selectively target pollutants within wastewater and disaggregate them into their benign constituents.  And unlike conventional treatment technologies, our’s do this instantly, inline, with ultra-high reliability, small-footprint, at low cost, and leaving zero liquid or solid discharge.  They are designed so to on the one hand fit seamlessly into existing industrial processes, and on the other cost-effectively remove even the most difficult and pervasive pollutants.

Our systems are cleaning the most difficult wastewaters of some of the world’s largest chemical, fertilizer, and power companies.  Please see some case studies here and here  and contact us to discuss your complex wastewater challenges.


Industries & Applications

Purammon adds significant value to customers facing stringent emissions regulations, challenging treatment scenarios, volatile production volumes and wastewater mixes, and business constraints such as lack of space or dedicated personnel.

Typical Purammon customers are in industries such as

  • Chemicals
  • Oil and gas
  • Power stations
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Fertilizers
  • Dye
  • Steel
  • Municipal wastewater

Example applications include

  • Main stream treatment
  • Stand-by polishing for failures in existing treatment trains (system is automatic and instant on/off)
  • Reducing the load on existing treatment trains
  • Enabling rapid capacity expansion (commissioning and integration time is extremely short)
  • Eliminating the need for sludge disposal (system creates zero solid or liquid byproduct)
  • Reducing operating costs for inorganic wastewater (system does not require nutrients or other additives)

Please see some of our recent case studies for examples



Features & Benefits


Modular & scalable From lab-scale to thousands of m3 per day
Small footprint Built offsite within standard shipping containers
Fast deployment  No civil engineering, site prep, or permit requirements; Integrated within days of delivery
In-line Realtime treatment and water-recovery integrated within production process
Highly effective Pollutant  concentrations can be reduced to any specified level, including zero
Simple operation Fully automated, minimal maintenance
Precisely controllable Instant on/off, linear process, can be remotely controlled, automatically activated according to energy pricing, etc.
No byproducts Pollutants are completely decomposed – no sludge or other byproducts
Ultra-stable & reliable Indifferent to changes in environmental conditions or wastewater composition
Low operating costs Low/no labor; No input chemicals, nutrients, byproduct disposal, etc.